Health Guarantee

Our Health Guarantee

We are committed to placing healthy Havanese puppies into happy homes. Our goal is to breed healthy, non-shedding, playful, well-socialized, loving, and life-long companions. We pride ourselves on providing pet-loving families and individuals with the best Havanese puppies in terms of quality. We focus so much on the health of our dogs(parents and puppies alike) to avoid the unfortunate event of your puppy being put down within the first few years of its life due to genetic, congenital, or hereditary health disorders.

We do not believe that your puppy is replaceable if you lost one, but we do feel that sometimes the loss of a four-legged family member can be lessened with the addition of a new one. In the unfortunate event that your puppy would need to be put down within the first two years of its life due to a genetic disorder, or if it is found to have congenital or hereditary disorders that adversely affect its health, we will replace your puppy with a puppy of your choice from our available puppies.

While we can’t guarantee that your puppy will never have a health problem, we can promise we will do our best to ensure your new furry family member is healthy from the moment he or she arrives home! And this guarantee does not cover the reimbursement of any veterinary bills associated with this puppy.

What we need from you:

Nothing would make us happier than knowing that we have been a part of bringing a happy, healthy puppy to your family. To ensure your puppy is healthy from the moment he or she arrives home, we will have a veterinarian examine your puppy not more than one week before the departure date. And we ask that you have your veterinarian examine your puppy not more than 5 days after receiving it.

Your puppy will come up to date on vaccinations and dewormings, but it may still need more to be fully vaccinated. We will send a copy of your puppy’s vaccination and deworming records along with the schedule for the next set of vaccinations and dewormings. After that, you and your veterinarian should establish what vaccines and care your puppy should receive.

Exceptions to the Guarantee:

We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, color, or the breeding ability of your new puppy.

We cannot replace your puppy for hip or elbow dyspepsia if your puppy is overweight and/or if you cannot produce a history of joint supplement vitamins and maintain a proper diet of premium foods.

If your puppy is diagnosed with hip or elbow dyspepsia, we will require x-rays and a second opinion from a Vet of our choice.

We cannot replace your puppy if routine medical care has not been maintained for your puppy. This includes all vaccines, deworming, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention. You are required to have your puppy seen annually by your veterinarian and maintain all vaccines and preventative care as recommended by your veterinarian.

This guarantee does not include any costs associated with spaying and neutering your puppy, including that of undescended testicles.

Failure to receive adequate and regular veterinary care will void this guarantee.