Shipping And Delivery

Is It Healty For The Puppy?

We get a lot of questions about shipping a puppy, people want to know if it’s healthy and how it works so they ask questions such as:
Isn’t he/she going to be scared? How much time does it take?
Isn’t it going to be tough for the puppy to be alone in a crate for such a long time?
This is how I describe the shipping process to people so that they can feel more at ease about having a puppy shipped.

Shipping a puppy to a new location by itself sounds cruel and humiliating, but we believe it is more difficult for us than for the puppy(ies). With our many years experience of shipping puppies, we can confidently state that all the puppies are in good hands. If you think about it, the airlines aren’t going to mistreat the puppy(ies) for fear of being sued and losing customers. We tape puppy’s food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate and fill it with frozen water so it can eventually thaw for the puppy(ies) and they will be given food during the journey.
The average flight time is between 4 and 6 hours. We inquire about any delays or layovers, as well as the exact time of departure of the flights, so we are aware of where the the puppy is and can provide you with the necessary details.

The puppy will be delivered the same day it is shipped, normally within a few hours. In the crate, we have a big fluffy bed of shredded newspapers for the puppy(ies) to snuggle in, as well as a pig’s ear chew (which they love) and a toy or sock with mom’s scent on it–to make the puppy(ies) feel safe.

We regard shipping as a possibility and make the necessary arrangements because, in most cases, we find suitable homes for our puppies which are not within driving distance. I know what question you’re thinking of right now: ‘Flying a puppy’! Is it secure? This is a common topic. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t even consider it.

On our first attempt to ship a puppy a some years ago, we asked this question to the shipping company’s guy, and he replied, “When we book a flight for a puppy, it is only on safe and licensed Airlines that have pet-safe programs that follow USDA guidelines.” The puppy will breathe the same air as the pilot flying the aircraft, and someone will be on board to look after him/her. We don’t fly the puppy in the cargo section of the plane; instead, they are transported in the passenger section with pet nannies before delivery is complete.

We still call ahead to book a flight for our puppies and find the most direct flight available (much as if you were looking for a flight for yourself). Our puppies have always arrived safely in their new homes, and he even said that “it is easier and more convenient to fly a puppy on a 2 to 6 hours flight than to travel with that puppy for 3 to 5 hours or more on a road trip.” And we have such faith in them because we know they are professionals who can and have been safely delivering our puppies to their new homes.

NANNY SHIPPING: Your new puppy can also be delivered DIRECTLY into your arms!! We have dependable Airline Nanny’s, such as United Safe Shippers Nanny’s and Delta Cargo Nanny’s, who will fly your puppy to you. This is the easiest, most dependable, and least stressful method of getting your new puppy to you. The puppy is taken on board by a pet Nanny, who can give it the attention it needs. We want to give your puppy the best possible treatment!

  • Delivery by ground. We use delivery services to bring puppies directly to your home. This type of delivery works for nearby States only. The price depends on the delivery location and varies between $150-$400, please contact us to get a quote.
  • Delivery by Air ranges from $150 to $600 depending on your location within the US. We use Delta Cargo as the main carrier. Delivery is available to your nearest airport with the Delta Cargo facility. You need to fill up Air Delivery Application then we book the flight and give you all the needed information to pick your puppy up. You have to show your ID and a copy of the air-way bill at the airline’s facility.
Thank you, and we hope to build a friendly relationship with you and your new puppy.